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Your options when cancer keeps you from working

A cancer diagnosis is a frightening, life-altering prospect. The moment you get the news, you know your life will be different, and during these uncertain times, you should not have to worry about money. Treatment can be a lengthy process, and both the disease and the side effects from the chemo can be difficult to manage while working.

How are disability benefits reviewed?

The Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews of recipients who are receiving disability benefits every three years to determine whether they are still eligible for blind or disability benefits. The review is based upon the type and severity of the claimant's medical condition and the likelihood of improvement. If no improvement is expected, the SSA will review the case every seven years.

Social Security benefits programs are distinct

Fresno residents who have disabilities may be entitled to disability benefits under the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income programs. There are major differences in the eligibility requirements and benefits for these programs.

Can disability payments be processed quickly?

Contrary to the delays our Fresno readers may expect from the federal government, the Social Security Administration is actually able to expedite Social Security Disabilty claims in limited cases under its Compassionate Allowances program. In this program, the SSA identifies individuals who have a severe medical condition and who are unable to work because the condition is expected to last for at least one year or end in death. The program allows the SSA to quickly identify qualified diseases and medical conditions and expedite assistance to qualified claimants based on medical information that can be obtained quickly.

Vocational factor regulations for SSD benefits under review

In proposed federal regulations issued last September, the Social Security Administration solicited public comment addressing how it should consider age, education and work experience factors when making adult disability claims under the Social Security Act. The SSA is considering these comments because there were significant changes in technology and workforce demographics since it adopted its regulations 38 years ago.

Social Security disability hearing wait up to 2 years

Social Security disability claimants have the right to appeal the denial of benefits. However, there are over one million hearings are pending across the United States for applicants seeking to convince administrative law judges that they are entitled to disability benefits to escape poverty.

GAO criticizes SSA overpayments

Many Americans live with a disability and need financial support. The Social Security Administration Disability Insurance program is vital because it provides workers with disabilities with cash benefits. However, a U.S. General Accounting report issued in October found that the SSA overpaid $11 billion to beneficiaries who returned to work and had earnings exceeding the program's limits.

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