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What might Social Security look for to end SSDI benefits?

The concept of Social Security is fairly straightforward. It's supposed to serve as a safety net. It does that through the delivery of a variety of benefits. Supplemental Security Income is the program based on financial need of a disabled person.

SSDI fraud case has recipients scrambling to protect benefits

One of the basic tenets of the U.S. legal system is that individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. A lot of effort goes into trying to uphold that ideal in law enforcement and both civil and criminal court settings. It might not always be achieved, but the effort is made.

Hard to trust an agency that says your dead, when you're not

The Social Security Administration has been around a long time. So has the disability benefits trust fund. You might think that with that legacy, the government would have managed to figure out how to be sure its records are accurate. That would seem to be doubly true considering how much money flows through the SSA coffers.

Why should I think about disability before it happens?

Everything seems to have its own special observance day, week or month. May is big for a number of them. A quick Web search reveals that May 1 is International Workers' Day. In Ireland, it's the start of summer and marked by the feast of Beltane.

If you're a disabled parent, don't forget benefits for the kids

Suffering a disabling injury or illness is something that is very personal. Typically, the effects of the accident or disease are localized in just one person's body. What that means is that it can be easy to overlook the likelihood that there are others who are dependent on the victims.

Bias a problem when disability can't be seen

It's very easy for the majority of us to slip into judgment mode. If you doubt it, think of the last time you happened to be in a shopping mall parking lot and you witnessed someone who seemed completely fine park in a slot reserved for the handicapped and toddle into a store.

What's a consultative exam and why does SSA say I need one?

Imagine that you have become disabled and you go through all the steps to apply for the benefits you believe you are entitled to under Social Security Disability Insurance. You've done your homework and think you've submitted all the paperwork required.

Facts worth being aware of about Social Security Disability

Social Security and its disability insurance component are perhaps among the most relied upon and misunderstood fibers of the American social fabric. It's a surprising state of affairs when you consider how important the system is.

What makes the Social Security Disability process so complex?

The concept behind Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is pretty straightforward. The government has set up the program to pay monthly benefits to individuals who are no longer able to perform substantial gainful work for any number of various reasons.

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