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Qualifying for vet benefits depends on making the case

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Veterans' Issues

Our military service people deserve a great deal of thanks and gratitude for their voluntary commitments. Those who become disabled because of those commitments deserve not just gratitude, but the full measure of support called for under the Veterans Disability Compensation and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation programs.

One would think that the getting that help from the government would be a straightforward matter of submitting the claim, verifying it and awarding all benefits due. But that’s not always the way it works.

There are instances in which individuals have taken advantage of the government and so the government is obliged to be sure that claims made are fully justified and that no more is spent than is required. And that is where a rift often develops and results in denials, appeals and legal battles.

To close that gap, the best case for why benefits are due needs to be made from the get go, and this can be a challenge; not merely because the person seeking help is disabled due to their service, but also because the rules, regulations that control the process can be complicated.

The core mission in such circumstances is to marshal the necessary ammunition to support the claim. It starts with assembling all the information to demonstrate that the condition for which benefits are sought was the result of military service.

Regardless of whether a disability is physical or psychological, full or partial, the task of making a clear case that benefits are deserved  is paramount. And just as important is the mission of making sure that if Social Security Disability benefits are warranted, that they are obtained. These are objectives that an experienced attorney is equipped to handle and why working with one is always advised.