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Social Security Disability Benefits In California

Becoming ill or injured due to an accident or health issue is an unanticipated occurrence; fortunately, millions of people qualify for disability benefits under the law, which will provide them with the necessary time to recover. Generally speaking, these benefits include:

1. Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits: These benefits are the most commonly applied for and require that applicants/claimants have worked and are fully insured with the required quarters of coverage. Because not everyone qualifies, it is important to partner with a skilled lawyer to undertake all necessary steps in the best possible way.

It is worth noting that these benefits are paid monthly and are contingent upon your past income. They “[are] designed to provide income benefits to people who are restricted in their ability to be employed because of a notable disability, either physical or mental [and] can be supplied on either a temporary (being at least 1 year of denials) or permanent basis, usually directly correlated to whether the person’s disability is temporary or permanent.”

2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI): In contrast, Supplemental Security Income benefits are designated for those with an income below a certain amount and are paid based on specific need. These benefits have a maximum.

3. Disabled Adult Child Benefits: When a parent begins to receive SSDI or retirement benefits and he or she leaves behind a disabled child between the ages of 18 and 22, that child may qualify for these benefits.

We Have Handled More Than 7,000 Cases

Regardless of the benefits you wish to apply for, we will bring our extensive knowledge from working on more than 7,000 cases over the span of three decades to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

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