Protecting Your Future

Providing Complete Social Security Services

When you are facing important legal issues that will directly impact your future, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified lawyer who will provide the dedicated representation necessary to help you secure a favorable outcome. At the Law Offices of Melissa A. Proudian, we focus our practice on helping clients who need help obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits.

We pride ourselves on the holistic approach we take to our clients’ legal problems. We go far beyond completing forms and guiding them through the process. Our first concern is learning everything we can about your legal issue and your expectations. We take the time to explain the legal issues involved in your case and the potential solutions we can provide. We advise you on any advantages or disadvantages associated with a particular course of action and offer our best recommendation about how to proceed.

Our Social Security Services

The core of our practice is helping people obtain the full measure of Social Security benefits they are entitled to receive under the law. We have seen firsthand how devastating a wrongfully denied claim can be to applicants and their families. Many people attempt to resolve these issues without the help of an attorney and typically receive much less favorable results. We understand the Social Security Disability process, and we will not give up until you receive the benefits you deserve.

We offer our clients nearly 25 years of experience resolving the following Social Security matters:

  • Assistance with the initial application process
  • Appealing denied claims at all levels of the court system
  • Dependent children benefits
  • Social Security Disability benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Understanding qualifying disabilities

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