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Providing the Representation You Need To Secure Social Security Disability Or SSI Benefits

The Law Office of Melissa A. Proudian, A Professional Law Corporation, provides exclusive practice in the arena of Social Security Disability Benefits and Supplemental Security Income disability benefits. Attorney Melissa Proudian, has been practicing successfully in this sole area of practice for 31 years. Attorney Proudian is a detail oriented and extremely tenacious practitioner who has handled over 15,000 disability cases throughout this period.

When disability keeps you from working, then you must consider applying for long term disability benefits under the Social Security Disability program. This program is divided into two primary types of benefits: 1) Social Security Disability benefits based on your earnings record or work history and 2) Supplemental Security Income disability benefits is you have no work history or your work history is insufficient. There are other subcategories of benefits under both of the latter categories. These include widow or widower disability benefits, children of disabled adult worker benefits, adult children of disabled adult workers and childhood SSI disability benefits.

We understand that the issues surrounding Social Security Disability and SSI benefits can be confusing and overwhelming to people who are not familiar with them. Many individuals end up with far less favorable results when they attempt to try and apply on their own.

Attorney Melissa A. Proudian has decades of experience and offers an expansive knowledge of local, state and federal laws that could affect your case. Additionally, a lawyer representative and law office, rather than a non-lawyer certified advocate or non-lawyer representative, are held to a much higher skill level, proficiency, and ethical standard level by both state and federal laws as well as other necessary requirements in order to obtain and keep valid the law license versus merely the limited certification process advocates receive. Attorney Melissa A. Proudian holds membership in the State Bar of California, the District Court of the Eastern District of California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

We pride ourselves on a thorough evaluation of the client’s disability issues and any other relevant information needed to assess and process the client’s overall disability situation in the most effective and efficient manner to get to a favorable result in the least amount of time possible. Our goal is to go beyond merely the completion of necessary forms, but to guide the client through the lengthy and overwhelming disability process. This is why at this office we encourage the client to call the office and share any new and relevant information to their case as soon as possible after it might change so that we can detail it in their file. We encourage clients to let us know if their living situation deteriorates so that if they meet the Social Security Administration regulations definition for dire need we can send in a letter requesting said dire need. We also encourage clients to let us know of new details in their situations such as if they begin receiving In Home Supportive Services (IHSS), if they experience a new severe diagnosis such as cancer, etc., or any other material change to their impairment situation.

Our office advises clients on both substantive as well as procedural issues in their case and what may be the advantages and/or disadvantages of a particular course of action and offer our best recommendation about how to proceed.

The core of our practice is helping individuals obtain the full measure of Social Security disability and SSI benefits they are entitled to receive under the law. We have seen firsthand how devastating a wrongfully denied claim can be to applicants and their families. Many individuals attempt to resolve these issues without the help of an attorney and typically receive a much less favorable result. We understand the Social Security Administration and the disability process and can navigate this sometimes treacherous process.

We offer clients 31 years of experience resolving the following Social Security disability matters:

  • Assistance with the initial application
  • Appealing the Initial Denial
  • Appealing the Reconsideration Denial
  • Requesting a Hearing
  • Attending the Hearing
  • Appealing the Hearing Denial
  • Filing for Appeals Council Review
  • Federal Court Review

At the Law Office of Melissa A. Proudian, A Professional Law Corporation she will never give up until you get the benefits you deserve! This is an idea that Attorney Melissa A. Proudian, uses in both her professional life as well as her personal life. Attorney Proudian and her staff are caring individuals who recognize how vulnerable individuals with disabilities are and that this particular group of people needs someone who is tough, caring and very tenacious to protect their due process rights in fighting the Social Security Administration for their disability benefits.