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“Dear Attorney Melissa, A beautiful day to you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great attorney, and awesome lady that you are. Yesterday, the social security office from Visalia, telephoned me. Ms. Anderson, informed me that your check, will be going out soon.

As a lady of faith, I knew that father God chose you, to help me. Thank you for believing in me. My journey has been of long suffering, soon, it will be over. I will never forget you. You are a hero! ” – Kindest Regards, Joni B

” Thank you so much for helping me win my claim. I am very grateful and appreciate all you’ve done for me. ” – Gerardo J

” On Behalf of myself and my family I would like to thank you for helping my brother Gerardo win his claim. We are very grateful to you and the staff who put in the time and effort in helping with this. ” – Irena A

“After 6 years, 3 denials and not having income Mrs. Melissa Proudian Successfully won our Social Security case! Thank you for you determination to help our family and get my uncle the benefits he needs and deserves! Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed! Your staff is so caring, nice and very professional!” – Brenda N

“My first mistake was hiring an advocate lost five years of back pay never got treated like a human. Start all over again this time I told myself okay stupid this time hire a real lawyer did what everyone does went online found Law Office of Melissa Proudian never looked anywhere else best service top notch staff knew there was no one else that could take care of me better. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER !!!” – Rhonda E

“Melissa is a very warm compassionate responsive human being who will completely emphasize with what you are going through and walk you through the legalities of the situation of your case. She also makes sure that you completely understand what you will be going through during your disability hearing and explains the possible scenarios of what the judge may ask you and all of this will be done ahead of time so that you will have time to prepare yourself with the answers you will need in court. I found out about her while I was staying in a nursing home recuperating from a Brown Recluse Spider bite and one of the nurses son has used Melissa to win her son’s case.” – Benknee H

“Such a great place and wonderful people that are very helpful thank you.” – Brad W

“Melissa Really cares about her clients and works really hard for them. Great attorney. Great office!” – Estelle L