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Protecting Your Future

Help With Wills And Trusts In Fresno, Oakland And Beyond

Wills and trusts are the backbone of a properly crafted estate plan. Wills are extremely important, regardless of someone’s total net worth. They allow for nomination of guardians, define specific charitable contributions and direct receipt of assets, along with who will manage an estate upon death. In short, it defines all of the details with respect to decision-making and asset distribution.

What Can A Will Do?

In the event that someone dies without a will, the entire estate is declared intestate, and it will require the family to go through the entire intestacy process, with intestate succession laws governing every aspect of asset distribution. In practice, this means that assets can go to people to whom the decedent does not wish.

Although a will is an extremely important tool that defines the specifics of a decedent’s wishes, it does not allow the beneficiaries of an estate to avoid (the cost and time of) probate. Rest assured that each estate planning document is drafted and reviewed by our attorneys. At our firm, your case will not be handed off to a paralegal.

What Can A Trust Do?

A trust allows for a trustee to maintain control over assets without the involvement of the court. Further, the trustee will manage and distribute the assets and bounty to defined beneficiaries. Depending on the situation, a trust can be the foundation and core component of a well-crafted estate plan. Additionally, a trust can serve as a supplementary role, addressing issues such as elder law.

If you and those close to you are working through trusts or other estate planning issues, attorney Melissa A. Proudian is prepared to bring nearly 25 years of experience to help you properly protect and preserve your assets. This includes:

  • Tax avoidance
  • Setting aside funds without losing benefits
  • Avoiding probate

We work directly with you to better understand your unique needs and circumstances. From there, we can proceed to prepare the proper trust that best suits you, which includes:

  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Third-party special needs trusts
  • OBRA special needs trusts
  • Children’s trusts
  • Honorary trusts for pets and animals

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