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What impacts would the budget deal have on SSD?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Social Security Disability

As you may have heard, a budget deal is currently working its way through Congress. The deal, if passed, would impact many government programs. This includes the Social Security Disability program. 

For one, it would forestall a funding shortfall which is currently predicted to strike this program next year. This predicted shortfall, if left unaddressed, could result in cuts to SSD benefits, something that could deeply affect SSD recipients. The budget deal would prevent the shortfall from striking in the near future by making a larger portion of Social Security payroll taxes go towards the SSD program than is currently the case. It is predicted that such a measure would keep the SSD program fully funded until 2022.  

The budget deal would also make some changes to the SSD program. These changes include increased anti-fraud measures, expansion of a program involving having multiple medical experts involved in the disability determination process and the addition of a new pilot program aimed at encouraging SSD recipients to try to return to work. One wonders what sorts of impacts these changes, if passed, would have on SSD recipients and SSD applicants.

The budget deal was approved by the House and now goes on to the Senate. Do you think the deal will ultimately be passed? What do you think of the deal’s SSD-related provisions?

What SSD rules and regulations and SSD funding laws are in place can have significant impacts in SSD matters. When a person is applying for SSD benefits, being unaware of how these rules, regulations and laws could impact their claim in the long and short term could lead to them making impactful mistakes in relation to their claim. Attorneys can help SSD applicants stay appraised of what rules, regulations and laws could impact their claim and what they should stay mindful of during the process of applying for benefits.

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