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Are you disabled according to the Social Security Administration?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration is in charge of determining whether a disability claim will be approved or denied. It makes that decision based on factors in a case such as the person’s medical records and ability to work.

In the eyes of the government, someone has a disability and may be able to seek Social Security Disability Insurance benefits when:

  • They aren’t able to work in the same way as they did before
  • Their disability is expected to last for a year or has lasted for a year or longer
  • There is no way to adjust to other kinds of work due to the mental or physical health conditions they deal with

Of course, to most people, this does seem straightforward. However, the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book has specific guidelines that should be followed. While there are exceptions for people with conditions that aren’t in the Blue Book or who have more than one condition, it can become complicated to get a claim through when the Blue Book conditions aren’t met.

Build a strong initial application to get the help you need faster

If you are unable to work and are disabled, it is important for you to put together a strong application for Social Security Disability Insurance. You will need to provide all appropriate documentation about your physical or mental impairment. The documentation should include things such as your doctor’s opinion, your test results and witness statements.

It may be a good idea to have an attorney go over your initial application before you file it. Doing this may help reduce the likelihood of making a mistake on the application or having it rejected based on not having enough information included with it.

These are some considerations to keep in mind as you work on your application for SSDI. It isn’t always easy to get Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, but it is possible if you put the time into gathering evidence about your condition and can show that you cannot work as a result of it. With the right support, your case can be made crystal clear.