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Posts tagged "Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness"

Social Security disability benefits for children

Many people believe that Social Security benefits are available primarily for older Americans or adults with injuries or disabilities. However, California families with low incomes and few resources may qualify for Social Security Income for a child afflicted with a serious illness or disability.

How a saliva test can help Alzheimer's patients get benefits

As many of our Fresno and Oakland readers know, getting access to disability benefits starts with a diagnosis of a debilitating illness, disease or health condition. Without this diagnosis, applications for benefits are left in limbo or even denied because the Social Security Administration does not have a record of your condition or the effect it is having on your life.

Is taking an SSDI appeal to federal court worth the effort?

There is no easy answer to the question posed here. Every Social Security Disability Insurance case is different. Individual circumstances and precedents from other cases in California and the rest of the country can be big factors in determining whether a case warrants being taken through the various levels of appeal.

Can I work while receiving SSDI benefits?

The process of obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income help can be a challenge. This is a fact that many in the Fresno area surely know. Those with experience dealing with SSDI cases know that it takes knowledge of the system, persistence and a certain level of tenacity to achieve desired results.

Are you prepared if your illness leaves you disabled long term?

A general sense of invulnerability seems to dominate the American mindset. What else can explain the proliferation of extreme sports? If you can play it, there's some extreme form of it. And with such exploits comes higher risks of long term or permanent disability.

Can I get Social Security Disability for depression?

There are many conditions that can leave a person disabled and unable to work. Not all of them are entirely physical. There are mental disorders that can make holding down a job impossible. The spectrum of possible issues is so broad, in fact, that the Social Security Administration has set aside nine specific diagnostic categories.

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