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Brain pledges made to VA program

Many veterans in California and throughout the nation are suffering with a silent injury that is among the most significant veterans' issues. Recent research has disclosed the effects of traumatic brain injury on veterans along with professional athletes or any person who suffered a head injury.

Discharge status restricts veterans' benefits

Veterans are entitled to disability compensation, long-term medical care and other benefits and services. However, the Swords to Plowshares organization and Harvard Law School's Veterans Legal Clinic recently reported that bad paper discharges have excluded former service members from receiving benefits at a higher rate than any other time.

Veterans' issues include hepatitis C drug access investigation

Veterans' health problems are not limited to war-related injuries. Service personnel are also exposed to numerous diseases, such as hepatitis c, which afflicts the liver. The U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs cited studies that almost 4 million Americans suffer from this disease, but that veterans using VA hospitals have higher rates of this disease than the country's general population.

Air evacuation from combat zones may worsen brain injury

Traumatic brain injury has become one of the most significant veterans' issues as over 330,000 U.S. troops suffered this injury over the last 15 years. It has become one of the leading causes of fatalities and injuries related to combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. A recent study is alarming because it concludes that air evacuation of wounded soldiers may have caused further harm to those with brain injuries.

Experts explore shockwave link to brain injury in veterans

A study funded by a $1.24 million grant from the Office of Naval Research Warfighter Performance Department may change the way that physicians look for brain injuries incurred in combat. A collaborative team will explore the relationship of shockwaves to these war-related injuries.

What is traumatic brain injury?

Veterans across the United States have fought hard for the country. Assuring treatment for life-altering and serious medical injuries constitutes one of the most significant veterans' issues. Members of the military frequently suffered TBI resulting from blast injuries during their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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